Laser Table Laser Cut Parts Brake Press Bent Steel Welding Fabrication

3,000 Watt Fiber Laser

  • 6’ X 26’ cutting table
  • 3/4” carbon steel cutting
  • 3/8” aluminum cutting
  • 1/4” stainless Steel Cutting
  • Repeatability rate of .0002

100 Amp HD Plasma

  • 5' X 27' cutting table
  • 3/4" carbon steel cutting
  • 1/2" stainless steel cutting

Why HD Plasma?

High definition plasma cutting produces the highest possible quality in a plasma cut. Plasma cutting is an effective and lower cost cutting method for thin to thick metal metals when the precision of a laser cut is not required.


Plasma cutting is mostly commonly applied to stainless steel, carbon steel, including formed angle, channel and tube.

Cutting Ability

Our CNC plasma system has new CNC drives, controller, and the latest software updates to ensure fast, affordable, high quality results. The system is capable of cutting materials up to 3/4" thick and has a material workspace that’s 6' wide x 30' long

CNC Bending

  • 350 Ton x 24' press brake
  • CNC Crowning
  • Repeatability Rate of .001


  • MIG/TIG Full service for manufacturing and fabrication

Welding & Metal Finishing

  • MIG / TIG full service for Manufacturing / fabrication
  • Phosphatizing
  • Powder Coating

Hydro Fabrication Services

Bigger Machines
Better Production

Small metal fabricating jobs are no problem, and when you have the capacity of Laser cutting ¾" carbon steel up to 26' long, big jobs aren't a problem either.

In 2016, we installed the Largest Side Load Fiber Laser in the United States! With that in mind, we also installed a 350 ton 24' Press Brake to compliment the abilities of handling small or very large CNC bending requirements.

Our in-house engineering department utilizes AutoCAD, AutoCAD Mechanical and Inventor 3D software development platforms. Provide your drawings and we’ll convert them for use in our CNC production equipment.

Hydro Engineering Inc. has an ISO9011:2008 certified quality management system ensuring beginning to end quality parts.